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Pong AI
CBlockSurprise (16)

This is a ai that learns how to play pong. It is not that of a neural network complicated, but once it learns, the options are: you lose, or you play forever.

The keys are W to go up and S to go down. Click on the canvas to have key inputs registered. The game will instantly jump to the next one after someone loses.

You are the blue player.

You may need to open it up in another tab.

Case_Buttitta (39)

Cool, but the network plays weirdly, it often doesn't move or moves slowly, causing it to lose a lot when I move fast.

CBlockSurprise (16)

@Case_Buttitta This is it learning. Soon after a couple of rounds of playing, it will play like a human.

Case_Buttitta (39)

@CBlockSurprise Oh, I thought it was playing me having been trained before. Interesting.

madmonster (7)

useless - you can't move your bat.

CBlockSurprise (16)

@madmonster did you click on the canvas? In the instructions, it says Click on the canvas to have key inputs registered. Please remember to do so, or nothing will happen.