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EchoCoding (252)

I made animated headphones that model the ones I wear in real life. For the REPL Music Challenge, I decided to give my project a little twist with a recent update - when opening up the website, music will begin to play!

This project was done entirely by myself, @EchoCoding.

Please up-vote if you liked it - it'd be greatly appreciated!

JoeyMartinez65 (1)

@EchoCoding how did you make this i love it

EchoCoding (252)

@JoeyMartinez65 first of all, thanks for your support. i used a lot of css, mostly classes and id's and just played around with colors to make the shape into headphones. it's actually a model of the headphones i wear irl.

EchoCoding (252)

hey guys! just rolled out a new update - when opening the web page, music will begin to play. enjoy!

seantarantella (0)

This is really well done. Good job!

owenm14 (0)

Wow! So cool! +1 love this wow

RyanRana (170)

❤ this song. "When I die put my money in a grave!"

EchoCoding (252)

@RyanRana same here! one of my favorites!