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Rock Paper scissors with neural network
rorysharp (28)

Rock Paper scissors with a neural network for the computers move. Code on github and a walkthrough of the code on Medium

BenDaBest (1)

haha I used a random number generator to pick the choices for me and still got crushed, 36/40/47 before it crashed

rorysharp (28)

@BenDaBest It looks like the "crash" was caused by you not entering a move?

Lasseu (0)

Maybe you could change selection for 1,2,3 or p,r,s .. it is a lot easier to write just "paper" than scissors :)

rorysharp (28)

@Lasseu p r and s do actually work, maybe I should make this clearer?

theprobobxd (0)

I only got draw, and I used rock the entire time. Maybe you could vary the outcomes?

rorysharp (28)

@theprobobxd Did you give permison for your data to be used for improvements? If so, hopefully next time I train the neural net it will learn that people sometimes repeat the same move