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Sharing is Caring??? In the soviet age at least....
pieromqwerty (15)

Hey everyone, welcome to the game that me and @KoalaV2 made! We aren't the best, but tried our best with about 4.5 hours left in the hackathon, mostly being me. This is a little game called Sharing is Caring, and you are an 8 year old boy named Sammy who has been stuck in a nuclear shelter with 3 other children. You try to survive as long as possible while interacting with your peers in a very simple state. Don't be too greedy, or you'll be kicked out. Don't be too nice or you'll be kicked out.

Have fun!

JackLesher (17)

This is a great game! I really like the art and the theme! Plus the friendliness of the text is really inviting. I love this!

pieromqwerty (15)

@JackLesher friendliness lol. Thanks!

JordanDixon1 (26)

Theres a bug where you have infinite food. I only took 5 food from the pantry but I was able to eat my food for 20 days.

pieromqwerty (15)

@JordanDixon1 nobody has actually gotten that bug yet including me! turns out i forgot to check for when you run out of food...whoops. fixing that now!

Zyphery (8)

I love it! It's fantastic, thank you for sharing!

enigma_dev (535)

I love the ASCII art!

pieromqwerty (15)

To all passing through, my partner still hasn't voted for our own Hackathon submission. Can I get a bruh?