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Sketch Identifier

This is my submission to the AI Competition. This is program which categorizes your drawings into 100 different categories(Read categories.txt for a comprehensive list). This uses Tensorflow.js to run the neural network which I trained using Keras. To make the pie graph, I used p5.js. Also, fullscreen the page to get the optimal experience.

Let me know you think!


This is really cool, @ArpanDhatt! It was interesting to watch it update as I added to my drawing.

At full screen, the wheel covered part of the drawing space, but I used control+minus to shrink my text size and it displayed ok then.


@themaka yeah, my css isn't great. If you open it in Repl, you can fullscreen it there and it will be larger.


How did you get a keras model to work with tensorflow.js? That is something I have tried and failed to do in the past


Very addictive to play - nice work!


I can't seem to get it to work. The pie chart stays blank after I draw something. Then when I click clear, I can't draw again.


This is awesome! Why the underscores though?