InMuse - Programming Jam Submission
Sophilosophy (1)

As an enthusiast of music and programming, and learning both as a high school student, I would like a way to combine the two, producing an environment to experiment with musical phrasing and variations. InMuse is a language which treats music elements such as notes, note sequences, and chords as the basic data types and allows the programmer to create named note sequences as variables, and apply a number of functions to try out variations. The resulting sequences can easily produce MIDI files with the 'midi' command, allowing the user to hear their creation. Please see the Repl for more information.

Team members: @JamesFlagg and @Sophilosophy
Team repl:

Please note the instructions in to download the generated MIDI files if you are having trouble!

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TheDrone7 (1626)

@Sophilosophy thanks for the info, I've updated your post accordingly.