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msgaalex (34)

The main idea for our team was to make a language anybody could learn! So we went for simple, easy, AND AWESOME!! The Demo for this language includes a simple calculator using PLY and Python. If you are confused on how to use it you can type ./help! (don't type the '!') If you are still stuck you can look at this page right below:


ALSO, in this calculator i didn't require the user to type:

define <variable_name>: <data_type>

Because that would just be annoying. But in the real language that is how you really do it. If you don't know how to do it on this demo it's like this:

<variable_name>: <numeric_value>

Semi-Colons can be used, and there are no indentation error messages.

Hope you Enjoy!! :D

Our team members:
jaskirchner - Main idea creator & co-programmer
msgaalex - Main programmer

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ZeeMan (8)

This is good, but maybe add stuff like a print function. Maybe some classes. Just ez beginner stuff though.

msgaalex (34)

@ZeeMan We have that in one of our other programs but in this one we just wanted to do a calculator so we didn't include print.