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ToneBasic: Programming With Sound!
enchanter (20)

ToneBasic: Programming With Sound!

Hi, everyone! For my submission I decided to create my own version of the BASIC language, along with an editor that allows you to run it online. ToneBasic has one cool twist, it makes it easy to create programs that make sound! Currently on the only repls that can make sounds are the ones that use HTML, CSS, and JS. ToneBasic allows you to make sounds using the simple BASIC language. If you're creative enough, you can even make music, all through programming!

So how can I get started?

Head on over to the editor (best viewed in chrome) and either start programming, or try out one of the examples on the right. If you get stuck, you can take a look at the quick reference guide I wrote up for BASIC, or ask me a question!

What libraries did you use?

The main focus of this submission was to demonstrate the BASIC interpreter I made, so I went ahead and used the Open-Source Ace editor for text editing in the interface. I made the rest of the code from scratch for the competition.

mhxion (2)

This week's newsletter for "First Ever music-based encryption" leads to this page. The correct link

HappyFakeboulde (218)

the link in the newsletter for the music-based encryption leads to this

enchanter (20)

@HappyFakeboulde Huh, that's weird, looks like they've fixed it now. Thanks for stopping by anyways!

amasad (2066)

This is really cool. It would be awesome if there is a way to save the user program. You can have a save button that simply base64 encodes the program and puts it in the URL.

enchanter (20)

@amasad Thanks, and that’s a great idea! I was thinking it would be cool to make a forum post where people can share their creations. I’ll add this as soon as the challenge ends!

bgrubert (124)

Wow(More people should upvote this)! I wonder if you can use certain algorithms to make songs that sound good...