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Wow my site
bramley (219)

This is epic now shirt lamosa ok now bye thanks for the opportunity

bramley (219)

@Zavexeon I know, but I'm in class so I rushed this. That's the entire reason why I called it bramley. Good luck!

RohilPatel (1168)

My only concern: is the size too big? @bramley

RohilPatel (1168)

Ur welcome! Any time man! @bramley

bramley (219)

@RohilPatel I'm not too sure as to what you mean by that. File size? Font? Paragraphs?

RohilPatel (1168)

Yea, the font size is too big. @bramley

RayvelArjoon (87)

@RohilPatel Your website is a m a z i n g. There are some things that need to be improved upon.

(edited for KINDNESS)

Zavexeon (1027)

@RayvelArjoon It's ok, no hard feelings! :)

notebookapp (0)

@RayvelArjoon hey man don't be beefing in my comments

RohilPatel (1168)

Lmao. I got an email of the original lol. @RayvelArjoon

bramley (219)

@RayvelArjoon lmao that was my alt account


this upvote is for you cuz you told me do this XD


@bramley now i knew it
it is a challenge XD

CodingAndMemes (29)

@bramley I recommend adding this:

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

And nice website!

bramley (219)

@CodingAndMemes Thanks for your feedback! I actually already had added that lmao