Crow Language - A Programming Language!
cdCreepArghhh (6)

Crow Language, a language like any other. It has the basics that you need to kickstart programming.


There are some examples if you press the run button. It will ask you whether you want to run examples or just start the shell. I recommend trying the functions example...

The language has many built in functions, a few are:

  • log
  • sleep
  • input
  • convert
  • clear_screen
  • is_number
  • is_string
  • is_list
  • is_function
  • append
  • pop
  • extend
  • power
  • modulo
  • lengthof
  • run
  • run_file

(Before you ask what the difference between run and run_file is, run runs a string, whereas run_file runs a file.)

You can find the syntax for the language here

This programming language was made by @cdCreepArghhh and @ComradeOck.

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cdCreepArghhh (6)

Yes, that's what I meant. I guess I didn't spot that mistake.