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maazzubair99 (126)

My submission for the about:me hackathon

How to play:

WASD to move

Get to the orange square to go to the next level

Every time you advance, you get a small bit of info about me

There are 9 levels total

good luck

hint: there are fake walls

AGENTo97X (0)

I am getting an error in line 8

a5rocks (785)


It was on the 9th level :(

Warhawk947 (519)

@maazzubair99 if this doesn't win it i don't know what will ;)

Warhawk947 (519)

@maazzubair99 also your project gave me some inspiration thanks ;) (i'll give credit)

generationXcode (256)

Hi, nice game but it keeps refreshing the output each time and it scrolls up, any way you can solve that?

maazzubair99 (126)

@generationXcode I didn't have that problem, but I'll see what i can do