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shreykeny (5)

Hey everyone!

Here's my submission for's <about:you;>! hackathon. (Please check this out on your Computer or a bigger screen! đŸ–Ĩī¸)

Link :

How it works: I thought I could build a simple site sharing what I've been upto lately and that's what I did. Just hover over the titles and more info about what I've been upto will be revealed to the right side of the screen! (Also, thank god for emojis đŸ˜Ŧ)

Inspiration: We often think we know a person just because they've been around us for a while but that's often not the case. If you spend more time with them, you end up learning a lot more about them. That primarily served as the creative info for this website. -- If you hover over the titles, it reveals more info to the side, just like if you approach a person for a candid convo, you tend to learn so much about them and realise you didn't quite know them as much. Alas, that was a random thought I had when I started coding this site and it now manifests in it.

Partly Inspired by Sahil Lavingia. 🙏

Technical info: This site was built in vanilla HTML/CSS/JS. I used DOM manipulation for all the heavy lifting.

PS: It's not mobile compatible. ☚ī¸ Built this in ~5 hours and didn't get the time to make it responsive. + since the whole premise revolves around hovering your cursor over the titles to reveal more info, not sure how to replicate that experience on mobile.

recurshawn (18)

This is nice - simple but does the job in a clean way!

shreykeny (5)

@recurshawn Thanks man! :) Any improvement feedback?

recurshawn (18)

@shreykeny What @Zavexeon said sounds like a good idea. Also, make it responsive on mobile?

For hover, you can try to trigger the message by 'pressing' for mobiles

Zavexeon (976)

Hey, you can actually view this at: since the repl is the same name as your username.

shreykeny (5)

@Zavexeon Hey, didn't know this. Thanks for pointing out!

What do you think of the webpage? Any place I can improve? đŸ˜Ŧ

Zavexeon (976)

@shreykeny Some CSS transitions would be nice, especially for the "Life" section since it changes colors completely. :)

shreykeny (5)

@Zavexeon Noted! Will work on that :)