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sugarfi (520)

This is my entry for the about:you hackathon. I had a bad little GitHub page before this, and this was a good excuse to improve it. I also have this hosted at

MrEconomical (2193)

cursor: pointer on the buttons

Zavexeon (1041)

Neat, may I suggest adding a transition for your buttons?

So like, your-button { transition: 300ms ease-in-out; }

kingretracted (28)

Doesn't look too bad. It looks amazing. How do you position the things so accurately I must ask as I spent hours on how to do it and still hasn't?

sugarfi (520)

@kingretracted - it is easy if you have a good website to practice and learn CSS with, like CSS-tricks or W3Schools. Just play with margins and transformations.

Zavexeon (1041)

@kingretracted A little late, but might wanna look into flexbox. It's a super useful tool in CSS and makes positioning several items really simple!

kingretracted (28)

I will check that out, thanks!