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Zavexeon (1033)


Possibly insecure. @TheDrone7 has put efforts into securing the backend code but it's still wise to take this with a grain of salt.! Share your ideas with others!

Ever wanted to share your ideas with the other developers and find new teammates to work alongside you but weren't able to do it? Well, now you can! is a special website for the users where they can post their ideas and look for new teammates! Although this is nowhere close to what we originally intended to make, we are planning to work on this project after the end of the hackathon to improve the app and make it one of a kind soon enough.

Getting started

To get started, simply head over to the home page and login with your credentials! Yes! We used API to authenticate our users. Don't worry, we neither log nor store your password anywhere so your credentials are safe. All we fetch is your username, email ID and avatar. Once you've logged in, you'll be led to the feed where all the posts made stay.

We did plan on making a way to contact the other person as well but due to the time limit, couldn't, so for now, you could find them on discord or any other media they've provided.


  1. @Zavexeon - Handled most of the frontend.
  2. @TheDrone7 - Handled most of the backend.
  3. @Kognise - Handled moral support for the above 2 and QA stuff for the first few hours.

Technologies used

  1. Backend : Node.js
  2. Frontend:
    • Templating engine: EJS
    • Raw CSS

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