Who am I? Let me introduce myself! - about generationxcode
generationXcode (34)

I had like 1 hour to do this maybe more... you know - boring saturday afternoons... Anyways, This webpage tells you about me. It has an image of my miecraft avatar which can grown fat and lose weight(by which means you will have to figure out and say in the comments). There are quite a few features for you to discover. Whoever discovers any feature first (even if you only discover one) gets a shoutout here!

Other than that a link to my github repos are there(my most prized posessions...), however they are only a fraction of the projects I have online, a lot of them I have on repl.it so you can check them out.

Feel free to reach out to me for any suggestions and good luck with the easter eggs(is that what they're called?)

Make sure to view the website in full screen
and beware for I might add more eggs once all are discovered

  • everyone clap for @kingretracted - he found how to make the miecraft avatar fat 👏👏👏👏👏
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AdCharity (1243)

@generationXcode oh I'm not that great look at the other projects (I want that shirt so badly). React seems like a difficult choice though when you could hard code the html no problem.