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M is a functional programming language designed to feel like maths.

M stores numbers as simplified expressions which are evaluated when needed, which means there is never any loss of precision. The numerical evaluations can also be computed to arbitrary precision.

It also displays working when evaluating and simplifying expressions, making it very easy to understand.

M supports complex numbers and quaternions as well as real numbers, as well as vectors, matrices, sets and tuples.

As M's syntax adheres as closely as possible to mathematical notation, it will b easy for mathematicians to pick it up.


let a = 6 + 2i
let v = (3, 4, 5 + 2i, -6)
let S = { x: x < 3 }
f(x) = x^2 - sqrt(x) + 4

Our team link: https://repl.it/@mcoders.
Our project: https://repl.it/@mcoders/M#README%20new.md
Our team members:
Isaac Holt https://repl.it/@isaacholt100
Joseph Rance https://repl.it/@josephran

Our focus on M had so far been implementing the core functionality rather than making an interface for it, so feel free to read the README which gives an idea of what it will look like. To see some of the functionality you can check out the source code e.g. the data types are in the ts/classes folder.

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