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kingretracted (27)

I made this in HTML in a day or so. Tried my best, Hope you like <3

kingretracted (27)

The other one was a python, it needed to be HTML

AdCharity (1287)

@kingretracted oh. I thought it can be any language :/

maazzubair99 (132)

@kingretracted they didn't say it needed to be html. its just that most projects are html.

kingretracted (27)

Well Rip. If I did python it woudn't be that good as it can't look that good. Also I wanna learn HTML so I wanna challenge myself. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ @maazzubair99

maazzubair99 (132)

@kingretracted You can do both. Learn how to use the flask module and you can use python to load your HTML projects, although with less than one day left it'll have to wait till next time

kingretracted (27)

Yeah. Also do you have a good documentation of Tkinter? It would really help me