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<about:you;> hackathon: Economical Studios
MrEconomical (2189)

Economical Studios website

For the <about:you;> hackathon, I decided to finally make a portfolio for Economical Studios. I had actually been thinking about it for a long time.


  • Projects - view and read about some of my best past projects and the ones I am most proud of
  • About - read a little bit about who I am as a person
  • Blog - I will occasionally make blog posts about things that I find interesting. Added comments!
  • Contact - You can contact me directly through a contact form. All messages are private and stored on another private repl that nobody else has access to. Also, join the discord server shameless plug

much E

AtticusKuhn (232)

This just shows that I needed the hackathon to be postponed.

Zavexeon (1041)

Ooooooh, I might have some competition front end wise. Time to overhaul. >:D

MrEconomical (2189)

@Zavexeon why did enigma have to postpone it bruh

Zexogon (905)

@MrEconomical i deleted the spam, if they come back please leave another report thanks! :3 -Dart

matthewproskils (342)

:o okay... my i need to improve my website...

Agreen08 (1)

oh whoa!! this is awesome!! :D

slickassassin03 (86)

Really awesome! You should add a home page or atleast make your about page the home page. You should also take the Discord integration and extend which you can find the parameter in the code you pasted.

pythonexpert (2)

yeah this hackathon thing is lightwork haha good job chaps

dan82 (3)

Man this is very good.

bramley (198)

why do you have to be so good at coding?

PDanielY (1055)

@bramley same way I feel. I posted mine before his but he already has 10 upvotes and I probably have one (myself)