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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
generationXcode (262)
Remember Marvin? the paranoid android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Well, we dedicate this language to that robot. And we named it after...
aguy11 (119)
Lenstadt Language
# Lenstadt Lenstadt is a computer language meant to torture you with its inflexible ways. It was created by me and @jhugh36 ### Documentation Len...
msgaalex (26)
Øbsidian - The Future of Coding
PLEASE READ: The main idea for our team was to make a language anybody could learn! So we went for simple, easy, AND AWESOME!! The Demo for this lan...
asabuncuoglu13 (2)
CodeFlow Experiment
# CodeFlow Programming Team: [@pokingaround]( with [@ceybes]( --- ⚡⚡⚡ This README is just a q...
SarangPark (2)
PyChips - The easiest language to learn
# About Chips PyChips is a dynamicallly typed language. It can be used to create simple programs and UI(s) with the UI_Print Framework (Using tkinter)...
Futuristics (49)
Impulse Programming Language
# Impulse # The Language for Speedy Coding and Speedy Learning Made in only 2200 lines of code! ## Our Team @Futuristics and @shashee ## Our Goal O...
Sophilosophy (1)
InMuse - Programming Jam Submission
As an enthusiast of music and programming, and learning both as a high school student, I would like a way to combine the two, producing an environment...
totobird (2) Language
![ Logo]( #### Info: is a strongly typed interpreted language...
Geocube101 (591)
### Recurse Recurse is a statically typed, language that compiles into python It was initially designed to combine features from Java, C++, and Python...
Scpreviewreview (5)
Fairly simple, This is 1.0 Stuff: writeImage URL print TEXT spam TEXT getIn TEXT warn TEXT info TEXT error TEXT var.create CONTENTS var.change CONTENT...