generationXcode (304)
Remember Marvin? the paranoid android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Well, we dedicate this language to that robot. And we named it after...
msgaalex (34)
Øbsidian - The Future of Coding
PLEASE READ: The main idea for our team was to make a language anybody could learn! So we went for simple, easy, AND AWESOME!! The Demo for this lan...
aguy11 (125)
Lenstadt Language
# Lenstadt Lenstadt is a computer language meant to torture you with its inflexible ways. It was created by me and @jhugh36 ### Documentation Len...
SarangPark (7)
PyChips - The easiest language to learn
# About Chips PyChips is a dynamicallly typed language. It can be used to create simple programs and UI(s) with the UI_Print Framework (Using tkinter)...
asabuncuoglu13 (2)
CodeFlow Experiment
# CodeFlow Programming Team: [@pokingaround](https://repl.it/@pokingaround/) with [@ceybes](https://repl.it/@ceybes) --- ⚡⚡⚡ This README is just a q...
Futuristics (51)
Impulse Programming Language
# Impulse # The Language for Speedy Coding and Speedy Learning Made in only 2200 lines of code! ## Our Team @Futuristics and @shashee ## Our Goal O...
Sophilosophy (1)
InMuse - Programming Jam Submission
As an enthusiast of music and programming, and learning both as a high school student, I would like a way to combine the two, producing an environment...
totobird (3)
Peri.dot Language
![Peri.dot Logo](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/toto-bird/Peri.dot/master/logo.png) #### Info: Peri.dot is a strongly typed interpreted language...
Scpreviewreview (6)
Fairly simple, This is 1.0 Stuff: writeImage URL print TEXT spam TEXT getIn TEXT warn TEXT info TEXT error TEXT var.create CONTENTS var.change CONTENT...