ithinkthisisarc (11)
The Snowflake Programming Language
![Snowflake logo]( After a long...
mamcx (11)
TablaM: A practical relational language
P.D: The team repl is at (exact as the one here). The user interface not allow to point to this? Is a pleasure for me...
arunaugustine (7)
Roman, Lisp extended to the 4th dimension
Roman is a lisp like programming language based on a very simple premise. That extending lisp to higher dimensions, we will end up with a programming...
CoreyMech (4)
Mech - A language for reactive systems
# Mech You can try Mech online at [](, or at the REPL below. Mech is open source and hosted here: [
darrylyeo (1)
Nectar: The Human-Friendly Knowledge Graph 🐝
# Nectar: The Human-Friendly Knowledge Graph 🐝 [Try Nectar on!]( **Nectar** is a flexible...
leotaku (1)
The Gull Language
# The Gull Language ![logo]( **Repl:** [@gebundwame...