Submit your best music themed repls!
katyadee (1119)
Hey folks! A lot of you have been asking me the same kinds of questions, so I figured i'd make a handy FAQ: 1. What's the theme? The theme is music!
katyadee (1119)
UPDATE: WINNERS POSTPONED // ✨Check back here for our Music Hackathon results! ✨
We all want to know who won that $5,000 grand prize. Check back on Monday, 7/29, to find out who our winners are! This announcement has been postpon
ammarbinfaisal (0)
a lyrics mixer app which uses genius's api to fetch lyrics and search songs
HelloThere2 (2)
Music Career in a nutshell
It doesnt work as the servers crashed in the last few hours enjoy the not working code
sideswipe (11)
We(me, @krishuscan , and @VedSrivathsa)have created an app called GENSIC for the competition which uses basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for t
SlightlyCyborg (2)
UTube Virtual 3D Music City
Explore your favorite YouTube playlists in a 3d web-based environment. Use your arrow keys and mouse controls to make your way through UTube City. Web
vhklmha (0)
Solo project. Hiding data in .mp3 files. Does not use psychological phenomena. Did not want to unpack and repack the Huffmann encoded data.
ammarbinfaisal (0)
an simple app which mixes lyrics of the selected songs. Originally made -- mashuper because I wanted an app to make
ThomasS1 (48)
Name that Tune! Online game for music jam :D
Name That Tune I play the piano and cello, and enjoy composing, so I jumped at the idea of a music jam! This is my (very) last minute submission (2mi
IRchamp (1)
Karaoke World
A site where you can sing to your favorite artists songs! This was not a group project
thierry (0)
Want to win a Grammy?
An app about past and future (maybe you!) Grammy Awards winners.
BernardDon (2)
AldaJS Fighter
This is a gamified where playing music in a terminal is winning against zombies. ;-) All graphics used is from Background music
xenjacob (1)
The Mighty Meaty MIDI Grinder
By stripping away exact timing information, the MIDI Grinder turns any MIDI file back into a challenge of human performance: can you make a pre-compos
ponmuthuselvam (2)
Whistle balloon
Game is simple you have to control a balloon with your whistle and avoid obstacles and score more in the game. you can use tap, mouse click, and whis
PubSub Radio
This program demonstrates using ipfs pubsub as a radio station so to say.
srodvasquez (5)
Music Kombat
Music Kombat A music-themed 2-player fighting game packed into an itty bitty resolution space! Employ one of three instruments (each imbued with phen
Coding1000 (6)
DJ Music Plex TurnTable and Mix System🎧
About: This interactive DJ Mixing System was created to introduce "old school" music mixing to a new generation - get ready for an awesome experience
arunavkonwar (1)
Become a GENIUS Piano Player with AI
This is an AI-powered piano which makes you feel like a GENIUS while playing it. The machine learning model understands your keystrokes and improves
karan4762 (1)
Song Generator Based on Preferences
This generator allows the user to pick their current emotion, and then 16 songs matched with that emotion are generated. The user then may pick specif
amritabhasin (1)
Song Lyrics Idea Generator
This program generates random characteristics such as theme, genre, instrument, chord and rhyming words to help the user find inspiration to compose a
JulioRodriguez5 (1)
Lyric Chart
Overview: Build a chart of the most used words in a song. Ever wonder how many words are in a song, or how many times they repeated a particular word?
samdevz (31)
🎶SynthSource: Discover, learn about, create, and share music on a brand new platform!
Are you ready to discover new cultures? Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 11.28.23 PM Do you want personalized recommendations based on your tastes? Screen
liamrosenfeld (17)
Tonnetz: Neo-Riemannian Theory Made Accessible
Hello, I'm Liam Rosenfeld. This is my submission for the music competition. This REPL visualizes the Tonnetz (German for Tone-Network). The T
takasago (1)
Orbit - Orbital Rhythm Maker
My app, Orbit, can make drum sound with an interface like space. sounds from screenshot Usage There are five c
AlexParker1 (0)
Write and play songs using Lilypond notation. Includes a keyboard to test out melodies and harmonies.
vidhibagadia (1)
drum roll, pls: the place where music gets 10x more entertaining
drum roll, pls Hi all. This is my submission for's music themed contest. At the beginning, I was struggling with which idea to go with, but t
manumanuk (4)
S o n i f y . - Turn Images Into Sound.
Project by @manumanuk Date Created: Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 Date Modified: Monday, July 22nd, 2019 Submitted for Music Hackathon 2019 S o n
ZavierMiller (1)
Basstroids is a remake of Asteroids, but it spawns asteroids based on base spikes! To start, open the repl in a new tab. Press play and wait for the
TrifectaIII (4)
MusiQ PLAY THE GAME! SEE THE REPL VIEW THE GITHUB Introducing MusiQ, a music quiz game you can play with your friends, or anybody else with access t
tellkavya (0)
An audio visualizer that interprets a song's frequencies and translates into a space visual.Upload a song or hit the "Play Demo" button.
sat0shi (1)
You Surf. Surf your music
The idea behind You Surf was to generate obstacles using as a seed any YouTube song. Originally it was thought as a project that was going to generat