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amasad (2049)
Announcing Basic Language With Graphics (Beta)
Hey everyone! I've been working on a classic [BASIC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BASIC) language inspired by Microsoft Atari Basic. It comes with a...
MrEconomical (1877)
DP #1: Introduction to Dynamic Programming
**PREREQUISITES: BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF ALGORITHMS + UNDERSTANDING OF RECURSION** # What is dynamic programming? Many problems can be solved by brea...
NotTani (44)
How to do Passwords Right
Hello repl.it! If you've ever made a text-based RPG, chat application, or easter-egg filled number guessing game, you've probably collected a passwor...
CaptainAnon (87)
An introduction to React.
This post is also available on [my website](https://teymour.tk/blog/20200326-react-introduction/). React is a javascript framework for producing rich...
LizFoster (118)
Let's talk about π.
Today I'd like to teach you all about one of my all time favorite things: π! Most likely, all of you know that π is the ratio of a circle's circumfere...
LiamDonohue (167)
Database tips
# #1 Backup weekly Why? Because something might get corrupted, and you wont lose all your data because ***guess what?*** you were smart and backed up...
KobeFF (105)
Ruby in 10 minutes - an interactive tutorial for complete beginners
# Ruby in ten minutes... Hey guys! This very, very, short tutorial will teach you all the basics of Ruby! ![download](https://storage.googleapis.com...
MrEconomical (1877)
How to Get Cycles
UniqueOstrich18 (146)
My Methods to Bypass School Filters
## My Methods to Get Around School Filters These are all the methods that I know of to get around school filters on my school Chromebook. The methods...
MrEconomical (1877)
Tips and Tricks for Code Golfing in JavaScript
Let's start off with the basics # What is code golf? Code golf is a type of programming challenge in which the programmer must attempt to solve some...
LukeShomper (42)
How to write code if your confused
Some things you should do to write code is to plan it out, plan what you want to do, I'm working on AI and I just planed it out and it helped a lot. S...
LiamDonohue (167)
Methods For Replit Dark Mode
# So everyone's been wanting dark mode, right? here are my methods: ## #1 Darkreader Darkreader enables you to make ***any*** websites dark mode ![d...
LiamDonohue (167)
C Sharp Tutorial ~ Part 1: The Theoretical Stuff
# Hello Guys! ## It's what I promised!! Ok, so today I'm going to introduce the theoretical stuff of C# (btw this ***Will*** be useful later). # Vari...
NodeJSAcc (17)
Kinda Interactive C++ BEGINNER TUTORIAL Pt1
C++ Beginner tutorial Pt1: Covers -- print statements -- starting of cpp file -- examples and activities Note: Sorry about this but for the second ac...
sugarfi (243)
The Basics of x86
# Introduction x86 is one of the most common computer architectures in use today. Many personal computers and devices use either x86 or ARM CPUS. But...
ipastrano (94)
C++: An Introduction
Welcome to my c++ introduction! I hope that I do a good job explaining this. EDIT: I have a new lesson for all to see on Repl talk! ~~I will post s...
EthanHorowitz (50)
How To Make a Tensor Class
Warning: This is very, very long, but I wanted to put everything together in one place. A couple weeks ago, I thought about numpy arrays and wondered...
RayvelArjoon (41)
Phaser 3 Browser Games. Creating multiple scenes and half of a game!
This tutorial will teach you how to make a game using Phaser.js [Phaser3 framework for JavaScript]. Learn more here: https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus....
zakaton (7)
Create Multiplayer Websites w/out a Server!
# Create Multiplayer websites with [Socket.IO](https://socket.io/) without setting up your own Node.js Server! [Socket.io](https://socket.io/) is a p...
SixBeeps (1309)
PSA: You should sanitize user input
If I had a nickel for the amount of chat rooms I've used that simply don't sanitize, well, I'd have at least 15 cents. That's not a lot of nickels, bu...
Coder100 (1197)
React Get Started Tutorial
# React React is a ~~verbose~~ JavaScript framework for making reusable components and improve workflow. # Why this tutorial This tutorial shows you h...
Highwayman (961)
How to make private repls without paying
# Warning! This doesn’t actually affect repls in any way as to make them private It is merely common sense. When looking at repl.it, the only way to...
sugarfi (243)
The Basics of Bases
# Intro You might have heard of bases or binary before. But what does that actually mean? In this tutorial, I will try to cover the fundamentals of ba...
Coder100 (1197)
Repl.it api example
Hi everyone, so I asked a [question](https://repl.it/talk/ama/replit-API/28874) on AMA and here is where I am now. # Introduction To learn graphQL, go...
eankeen (1037)
A Comprehensive Guide to Replit's New Git and GitHub Features
# A Comprehensive Guide to Replit's New Git and GitHub Features recently, Replit has added integrations for Git and GitHub. now, you can interact wit...
LiamDonohue (167)
Website Security Tips
# Website Security Tips: ## #1: Don't Include file exstentions in your webpage ##### Why? Because someone can easily view your code by entering the fi...
CodeABC123 (199)
How to get inspiration for code
So, you probably came here because you can’t think of what to code. Well, you came to the right place! Here I will show you some ways to get inspired....
MrEconomical (1877)
Code Formatting
# why tho One of the things I hate most about programming is messy code. For example: ![Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 9.03.17 AM](https://storage.google...
AdCharity (1112)
Let's Learn Java I
## Intro to Java #### Why? As the first of the upcoming series, I might as well preface why I'm starting Java tutorials. Frankly, I'm getting rather c...
amasad (2049)
Configuring GitHub repos to run on Repl.it and contributing back
You might have noticed that it's now possible to import your GitHub repos into repls. If you haven't yet, consider connecting your GitHub account to r...