How to fix ANY bug (works 2021)
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How to fix ANY bug

This super awesome hacky solution has been found to work this year, maybe not next year. Maybe Life™ will add patches for this extreme life hack!!

Step 1.

Identify your bug.
What line is it on? What file? What have you pinpointed to be not working? You can be as vague as you want, or as specific as you want. Keep this specific area of the code in mind.

Step 2.

Completely remove that specific area of the code. It is buggy, so it must be removed, right? If this worked, then congratulations!! You have just exploited a hack in Life™!! If not, continue on to Step 3...

Step 3.

Pinpoint what file this bug is in. Now the whole file is corrupted, so why not delete the file? If this worked, hooray! If not, move on to Step 4...

Step 4.

Delete the folder the file was in. Perhaps the surrounding files got corrupted by the absence of the buggy files. This bug is such a virus ugggh. After you deleted the whole folder, the code should be working!! If the program still doesn't work or your file wasn't in a folder, move on to Step 5...

Step 5.

Well, this bug is very large. It's time to delete your entire repl! To do this, click on the arrow right next to the repl name and click delete:

Hooray! There will now be no bugs! You literally can't have bugs if you don't have code!!

Now, to celebrate, you can optionally follow Step 6...

Step 6.

Share the 100% working 2021 solution to defeat any bug by creating a new tutorial on repl talk on the steps required to solve any bug (or just write a new tutorial on how to do something awesome 😉!)



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