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Beginning Code
CodeABC123 (201)

This tutorial will guide you through making your first code.
But first...

Why should I code?

Well, most modern day technology uses code. Your phone does, your iMac does, and even that old car that you don’t use anymore does.

Beginning your first adventure

So, you’re a brave one, and want to start your first code adventure? Follow these steps!

Picking a language

You have to think of a language before you start. Good ones are Python, JavaScript, and Swift. Once you did that, go on learn and learn all about the language.

Making your first code

Now, with what you know, make a price of code. Tip: Start simple. Don’t start doing math!
Congratulations on your first code! <3

To infinity and beyond

Now that you learned the basics, start getting complicated! Soon, maybe you will be doing turtle graphics! It’s all up to you.

And most importantly, have fun!