Build a Neural Network in Python
shamdasani (21)

Hey guys! I built a simple Neural Network from scratch to learn how they work from a fundamental level. I'd love for you to check out the code and tutorial I wrote. Let me know what you think :)

full tutorial:

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JakobNacanaynay (36)

Great! The only neural network I made (although I don't know if it counts)was a code which tried to find the number zero by adding a list of numbers. It works 50% of the time.You should also give the option to see one at a time using the time package.

shamdasani (21)

@JakobNacanaynay this looks cool, but how exactly does it find zero? Could you explain the theory behind your code? I'm just a bit confused haha :)

JakobNacanaynay (36)

@shamdasani While I don't know if it's neural network, there is a list of numbers from -50 to 50 except zero. At first there is a 50% chance it will be added to the total but, depending on how well it did from last time, the chances will increase or decrease. For example it chooses to add -15,30,5,-50,-30 on the first time adding to -60. The next time it chooses numbers that add to 20. For my code, since it had a lower absolute value by 20, the chance of appearing again changes from 50% to 70%. It is a neural network only with weights.

pauliunas (5)

@JakobNacanaynay Increasing the chance of adding one number to the list will not increase the chance of getting a zero... If you were aiming for something like a sum of 200 from a certain amount of numbers, then yeah, this would work, because higher numbers would get higher priority. But n this case, it's the combination that matters, and individual choices don't affect anything.