Framerate Illusions - How they work and previews!
ChezCoder (1481)

Hello replers! Already learned everything there is to learn in this world? Well here you are! I @ChezCoder is going to be bringing a new topic into replit, Framerate Illusions! Watch the video below to get started! Below the video are some awesome websites I got my material from. (video was made by me)

== References ==

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Giothecoder (126)

@ChezCoder but seriously, you should post the actual tutorial in, not just post a link because you might not realize it, but that is absolute torture for people like me where basically everything is restricted and I’m essentially just taunted with a link I can’t click. There was a guy who did it earlier and all of it looked really interesting, but I was just left sitting there. So please, next time write a real tutorial.