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Chromebooks Tutorial -> Repl.it as an App.
IzanLarumbe (28)

Chrome OS + Repl.it

Hello guys. So i have found out how to use repl.it as a chrome app. (Some of you may already know, others maybe not.)

You can do this with pretty much any website:

As you see i did with my own web and repl.it (My web is the fox one)


1.Get to the website (repl.it)

2. Press the chrome 3 dots.

  1. Press More tools and then click over "Create a shortcut"

4. Check the checkbox that says 'Open as a window'

5. Click ok and have fun coding!

Also, i made this post with the app :)

mkhoi (192)

I think you can do this with Microsoft Edge too

IzanLarumbe (28)

@mkhoi Im sure you can, but its completely different as the chrome OS experience.