How to get inspiration for code
CodeABC123 (201)

So, you probably came here because you can’t think of what to code. Well, you came to the right place! Here I will show you some ways to get inspired.

All about me

You can make a repl all about you! Ideas:

  • Biography
  • Game

But some people aren’t comfortable sharing information about themselves. In that case...


You can ask for inspiration! Just make a new ask post, using the following:

  • The title should say that you need inspiration.
  • The body should say the subject of what you want(game, tool, etc.)

Now all you have to do is wait. Once you got some good ideas, mark the one you like most as answered.

Learn a new language

You can learn a new language too! Go on learn, and search for the language. Then, start coding with what you know.
@SixBeeps and @DynamicSquid say that it’s a good idea to master a language before you do this tip.
Credit to @SixBeeps for tip

Code with a friend

Friends will almost always get good ideas! But for some people, getting a friend and making them code might be the hardest part...
Credit to @DynamicSquid for tip

Now you are ready to get inspired! If you have any other tips, tell me in the comments.

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SixBeeps (1347)

@DynamicSquid Honestly, all of this is subjective to the coder. But, I would like to point out one thing:

And besides, no job will ask you to do a task in C++, but the next day switch over to Java, but your co workers use Python

What about the world of web development? You have to write a backend in something like PHP or Python, then write the frontend in HTML+CSS+JS. Already, that's more than one language you have to deal with (given a full stack role)
Also, look at the job listings:

Job 1: We need Python coders
Job 2: We need C++ coders
Job 3: We need Rust coders

If you stick to just Python, you have one job applicable to you, but if you learn all of them, you have more options available to you.