Ever wanted to learn how to use Go? Here's my advice.
SergeantGraham (5)

Want to learn Go?

So, I have heard that many people want to learn how to learn Go. Reason? Well, my reason that I learned go, is so I could learn a Chinese or Japanese programming language, my friend loved to learn Japanese so I thought I would learn this for 'em.

So, if you want to learn go, that's fine! I will have a basics tutorial just right here. So basically, if you want to learn it, it takes PATIENCE. This helped me a lot: https://tour.golang.org/welcome/1 if you want me to explain it, that's fine!

Basic program:

package main
import "fmt" // This allows you to print.

func main() {

    fmt.Println("Hello world!") // Outputs: 'Hello world!' in console.


Another good import is called the "time" import, it is good for telling time, so in your main function (func main()) you would say fmt.Println('The time is', time.Now()). This is really useful for time computer apps, although it would be really low quality. Another good import is import "math" I love it mostly since I am a mathematician, because you can use a special function inside of the func main() you would do fmt.Println(math.Pi) if you lowercase 'Pi' (pi) it won't work, because Go is capital sensitive.

This is all I have! Have a nice day.
Information: https://tour.golang.org/welcome/1
This is more useful for advance learners! ^^

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