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Game Tutorial: Canyon Runner
21natzil (751)

This is a great game! However it's had it's time under the sun. I hope everyone enjoyed this project, because I know I did! Anyways, I'll be unpinning this now, but that doesn't mean you can still find it! Thanks @ericqweinstein for this amazing game!

Battlesquid (14)

I....broke it.

EDIT: Weeeeeee

OwenBradstreet (81)

I got 3048 - pretty proud too :P Anyone higher?
Also, nice work and tutorial dude, well organised.

hayaodeh (159)

This is amazing! we need to feature it! @timmy_i_chen

Allespro (2)

Unlimited score

saulosobanski (2)

Great work, Eric. I'm building it right now, thanks for the tutorial!

ericqweinstein (198)

@saulosobanski Thank you, so glad you like it!

Brandaboss (81)

Any challengers?


MarcelKoumeni (1)

NIce, Really nice game you've built yourselfe there ericq

Night_Shadow (2)

0_0 this was so effortless/

epicman702 (39)

wheres da triangle?!

epicman702 (39)

I like this game
can you fix the drawing after?

426729 (145)

You can draw with the arrow after you die.

15edaniels (1)

it never worked for me

JerryTheMouse (3)

i got 5000 something with hacks