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Game Tutorial: Canyon Runner
21natzil (1133)

This is a great game! However it's had it's time under the sun. I hope everyone enjoyed this project, because I know I did! Anyways, I'll be unpinning this now, but that doesn't mean you can still find it! Thanks @ericqweinstein for this amazing game!

Battlesquid (15)

I....broke it.

EDIT: Weeeeeee

OwenBradstreet (109)

I got 3048 - pretty proud too :P Anyone higher?
Also, nice work and tutorial dude, well organised.

hayaodeh (187)

This is amazing! we need to feature it! @timmy_i_chen

saulosobanski (2)

Great work, Eric. I'm building it right now, thanks for the tutorial!

ericqweinstein (236)

@saulosobanski Thank you, so glad you like it!

Brandaboss (86)

Any challengers?


davidyu9 (3)

@Neil_Chaudhury dude Brandaboss got 17725

MarcelKoumeni (1)

NIce, Really nice game you've built yourselfe there ericq

Night_Shadow (2)

0_0 this was so effortless/

epicman702 (212)

wheres da triangle?!

epicman702 (212)

I like this game
can you fix the drawing after?

426729 (159)

You can draw with the arrow after you die.

15edaniels (1)

it never worked for me

JerryTheMouse (4)

i got 5000 something with hacks

TRavCoding (0)

if you go down to the bottom of the screen but you can still see your sprite your unkillable and cannot not die even if you hit the wall

bgrubert (164)

Though this game has a few bugs, I find it very entertaining! Thanks for making this, also, I got 3794!

mkhoi (291)

Nice game! 😀