c++ introduction
MichealGossar (1)

C++ is one of the most compaclationed languages (yes a language) to learn. The most basic line of code is:
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
cout << "Hello World";
that was very simple. The output would be Hello World. The first line #include <iostream> means to print text. Using namespace (the next line) is to...continued

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oignons (324)

Hoi @MichealGossar! Just saying to viewers and you, #include <iostream> doesn't mean to print text. It is a file which allows you to print text and get data from the keyboard. You can put that line in your code, freestanding, and it wouldn't print anything. Cout is what does the printing. Also, to fix the markdown for the example code, it isn't these little guys('), it's backticks. ` Also, use the keyword c++ to make it look straight from a compiler, with colors. Hope it helps!