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How To Visit Blocked Sites ~ Using Repl.it! [#TutorialJam]
KobeFF (727)

@elipie [#TutorialJam]

How To Visit Blocked Sites On A School Computer ~ Using Repl.it!

So, you're probably really annoyed at school for those cheap crusty chromebook hand-me-downs. Worst of all, It seems like every site is blocked other than Gmail, Google Classroom, Zoom, and stuff like that.

Today I'll show you a way that actually works.

Best of all, there's no need to download stuff and all that "Developer Mode" clickbait on Youtube. You can do it right here on repl.it.

First off, choose the site you want to access. I'll be using an io game called Moomoo.io (Yea, I still don't understand why developers can't give proper names to games). Well, anyways, don't visit the site itself - just do a google search. For example, instead of going to https://www.moomoo.io and getting redirected to something that says "You cannot access this page", just do a google search for "moomoo io".

You'll get something like this:

Assuming you're on a Chromebook, press Ctrl + U to view the page source. I have no idea why schools would hand out Macs, but if you're one of the lucky schools with PC's or Macs, just double click and select the option that says "View Page Source".

Another tab should open in your browser and should look like a bunch of disorganized HTML.

From here press Ctrl + A to select everything and then Ctrl + C to copy it.

Now open up repl.it in another tab - and create a new repl. I'll call it MooMoo.io. Set the language to HTML, CSS, and JS.

Click Create repl.

Now that we're in the repl, delete everything in index.html. and then press Ctrl + V To paste the HTML code you copied earlier and run it.

Yay! It's a mini google search! Click on the website you want to go to. Conveniently, for us, its the first result.

And we're in! But wait... It's really inconvenient playing in that tiny screen. Open the repl in a new tab and it'll be full-screen!

Well, for me, I get a blocked page whenever I try to open it in a new tab. Well, repl.it has a feature where you can change the size of the html display!

Drag the lines all around to make the display box bigger.

And now it's playable!

Yes, it's technically not completely full screen, but it is nearly full screen, and it runs smoothly.

Enjoy and leave an upvote if this helped you!

Wumi4 (455)

Luckily, I still can go to the website without being warning xD

KobeFF (727)

LOL let me transfer to your school @Wumi4

Wumi4 (455)

@SuperC0der No my school computers sucks. I already got my Manjaro one on my home and it still can go to blocked sites without any noisy warning appear.

KobeFF (727)

@Wumi4 O lol bet my computer is worse XD

xxpertHacker (611)


for (;;) {
    const url = prompt("Enter a URL:");

    try {
        new URL(url);
    } catch {
        alert("Ha, good one; how about a real URL this time?");

    const blob = await (await fetch(url)).blob();

    alert("Open sesame, click this document to open the URL");

    await new Promise(
        resolve => {
                resolve, {
                    passive: true,
                    once: true

    open(blob, "_blank", "noreferrer");
KobeFF (727)

@xxpertHacker ? is this javascript or wut

xxpertHacker (611)

@KobeFF JavaScript; it does the same thing, but arguably better.

Baconman321 (555)

@xxpertHacker What if there is javascript that is relatively linked?

adsarebbbad (212)

welp, neither of our ways work, as they both say: the persob who set up this device chose to block this site or smth @KobeFF

KobeFF (727)

yeah lol @adsarebbbad sometimes even in an iframe the blocked website appears lol so i have to refresh the page

parker02311 (4)

My school blocks my own websites... And this doesnt work at my school because they also block the website from getting into the internet and will just refuse to let us connect to it.

KobeFF (727)

@parker02311 yes, this is why you do a google search for the website instead of going to the website directly. I'm pretty sure the schools don't block google lol

parker02311 (4)

@KobeFF No like the method you show by copying googles code doesn't work, when I click the link it just go no

parker02311 (4)

@KobeFF Also I am just saying it doesn't work at my school but my school also had kids searching up some bad stuff so they really did a lot to our security

RayhanADev (1215)

Hmmm, seems a tad unnecessary when we already have unblockers on Repl.it (that work for mobile too! Where this only works on computers.). And also you’re not allowed to go and rip code from any website you want you know that right...

KobeFF (727)

@RayhanADev Yeah, but im not posting it or using it in any way like plagiarism

RayhanADev (1215)

@KobeFF ik, but you should mention it. Some sites don’t even like you looking in their source code you know.

elipie (323)

So, you're probably really annoyed at school for those cheap crusty chromebook hand-me-downs. Worst of all, It seems like every site is blocked other than Gmail, Google Classroom, Zoom, and stuff like that.