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How to decorate your button, simple steps.
Puffy2017 (10)

HTML Website Decorative Buttons. Making a simple button with the old same code:

A header <button><a href="Example.html" type="submit" class="btn">Example</button></a>

Well this guide teaches you how to make decorative buttons.

A header First we make the HTML pretty simply we just make a normal button(Adding a Href if you want it to be linked to another webpage)and we add a DIV in the button linking it to the CSS.

https://www.w3schools.com/ Thanks to this website it helps me make websites(Not Sponsored)

A header Second) Add the CSS code, you can copy and paste and change the color. Not much to explain here but you can adjust these small details like the cursor.

This is how it should look:

Funkus (239)

sorry to disappoint you, but it doesn't look like that :(

Puffy2017 (10)

@Funkus oops, just saw you now, what are your concerns; should I be more clear?

awesome10 (233)

:O you worked for MINECRAFT?!?! @Puffy2017

HahaYes (1899)

@Puffy2017 WHOA you worked for minecraft? Big respect

Puffy2017 (10)

@Highwayman Thanks, i was late to the party ;( So I could not see your message

Puffy2017 (10)

ty :)))))))) shaking

Minikeyboard (25)

Thanks for the tutorial! Is this the first one?

Puffy2017 (10)

@Minikeyboard yes thanks for the response.

k9chelsea2 (763)

yeh I kinda use that script

Puffy2017 (10)

@NDLFOREVER OOF, anyways, if you want me to be more clear on some parts(As this is my first post) do tell me.

k9chelsea2 (763)

I mean maybe explain what each thing does or give a link to w3schools (for example) tutorial for a more in depth example but overall pretty kool

Puffy2017 (10)

@NDLFOREVER Thanks for the beautiful review. I will explain it in my own words describing what each stage does in the tutorial, but as always enjoy your day.

Puffy2017 (10)

@NDLFOREVER may you upvote my project please

k9chelsea2 (763)

only because I have the perfect amount of upvotes I will lmao