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How to make an unblocker
Coder100 (15386)

How to make an unblocker

I've seen a lot of unblockers out there, but none of them are mine so here's mine.


The basic concept of an unblocker is that we will utilize repl.it's virtual machine and their internet to provide not only an unblocker, but a vpn! (in california or smth)

Starting out

First, we will use a repl with a display. This is usually pygame, bash, or tkinter.

After you make your repl, we will hack together a .replit file.

run = "pip install webbot ; clear ; python main.py"

Make sure you have a main.py if you are using a bash repl!

What this one-liner does is simply install webbot (our app to open up web browser), clear the screen of the installing notices, and then run main.py!

Our first window

Add this code into your main.py:

from webbot import Browser

web = Browser()


while True: pass

What this code does is that from webbot (the previously mentioned library) we import the Browser class. We create an instance web, and we use a method, go_to which goes to a URL. The while loop is to stop the program from exiting, so you can actually interact with the website.

Wrapping up

Alright, lets make this user friendly now!

from webbot import Browser

web = Browser()

web.go_to(input("website : "))

while True:
  web.type(input("your key : "))

First, we still have the same code, but now it will go to a website that the user specifies! Afterwards, inside our while loop we will make it so that it takes user input and then types it in to the website! (Like simulating a key press!)

Take a look:

Happy unblocking!!


This is not only what webbot can do. You can also automate many more things! Read the documentation to learn more!

yee12345 (0)

im new and i don't know how to code im confused.

adsarebbbad (213)

im commenting this through the unblocker lol

programmeruser (527)

@CodeLongAndPros run firefox in the terminal, start webbot with Chrome.start_session with a firefox profile, or use firefox options with selenium.

Coder100 (15386)

firefox? hmm idk there might be a way to configure it, I would rather use selenium for that @CodeLongAndPros

JBloves27 (1507)

Rly cool!

i feel like this is the first time I see you using python (pygame) XD