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How to solve Logout image problems
CoolCoderSJ (334)

Inspired by @PDanielY 's original post

This is a list of scary images. By visiting this post, you unfortunately got logged out of repl.it, google, spotify, amazon, and Microsoft. This tutorial id going to teach you how to prevent that.

This is really stupid but I thought I would do it for fun so I understand if this gets locked/unlisted/deleted
<images removed by replit admin>

We are going to be using uBlock Origin, a cool content blocker.

Mozilla Addon here
Chrome addon here

  • Download this extension, and open the menu by clicking it on the toolbar (you have to pin it on chrome first)

(Sorry, I cant take screenshots because the popup goes away when I open my screenshot thingy)

  • near the bottom, there are 5 icons.
  • Click the last one, the gears.
    You should see a page like this -

Near the top, click My Filters on the bar

Now you should see an empty text box, where you need to enter the URLs line by line.

  • Enter the following URLs -

These are all of the URLs used in the image.

Finally, click the yellow Checkmark, on desktop it should say Apply changes. FINALLY!

You have finally escaped the wrath of logout images! this not only works with images, but any thing. so like hidden iframes, divs, all of that. If you want to actually logout, click the icon in the toolbar and click the off icon.

Bookie0 (5587)

ugh i hate when you get logged out >:(

CoolCoderSJ (334)

@Bookie0 yes same exactly thats why i made this.

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