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How to unable Dark Mode on the entire Internet!
optimistguy (21)

Yeah, I have made a comeback to this community. Love to see you all are doing great and having fun! This is just a super simple tutorial for how to get dark mode on any website you want!

It is done by using this extension: https://darkreader.org/

Dark reader is a super easy tool to get Dark Mode Internet Wide!

  • Repl.it with Dark Reader

Yeah, that all I got for this post! Credits: To Matt cause he made the original Post! And of course: Waddle ON!

katyadee (1119)

Hey, did you build this on Repl.it? I'd love to learn more!

ebest (558)

@katyadee You really seem slightly like a bot now.

"Hey Elias!, I'd love to learn more about this dev team. Could you share a bit more?"

"Can you explain this a bit to me?"

"Hey there - this is a neat little project. Would you mind giving some more background on it in your post body?"

Zavexeon (303)

@ebest All of the replit team are bots. Duh.