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How to view your website in the terminal! 🎉
Wumi4 (466)

Hi there!

Have you ever face that you just start a server, but the web view of Repl doesn't show? Or you want to go to a website for any reason without the web view? Today, I will show you how to view your website though a text-based web browser called w3m!

w3m is a simple web browser that is text-based, means that you can access the Internet though this thing via the terminal. Let's install it!

On your console, or shell of your Repl, type this:

install-pkg w3m

Then you should wait for a while, when the installation is done, to access a website, type this on your Repl shell:

w3m xyz.com

Note that xyz.com is just an example, you can type any domain to access the website, for example, google.com to access to Google, repl.it to access to our Repl.it website, and so on.

Now, if you are running a server, and want to see what outputs to it, you can type your server's port name (Usually it's or localhost:8080, depend on the web framework that you're working on):


Ok, that's all! Have a nice day! :D