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The Easy Way to Learn Python

With this easy to use Python tutorial, you can learn python the easy way

This Python tutorial covers -

  • IDE Comparison (Level0)
  • Your first hello world! (Level1, Print)
  • String vs. Int vs. Float (Level2)
  • Variables (Level3)
  • Conditionals, with if, elif, and else (Level4)
  • User Inputs (Level5)
  • Lists (Level6)
  • Functions (Level7)
  • 2D Lists (Level 8)
  • Loops (Level 9 & 10)
  • Dictionaries (Level 11)
  • Common Modules (Level 12)

Coming Up

I plan to add the following topics later on

Also Supports -

    • These accounts are secure, and only you can access your password. Only you can delete your account, and only you can login with it.

      EDIT: I investigated a bit with the account system, and if u don't have a account/aren't signed in when using this, then ur account may be deleted if ur browser cookies/cache are cleared.

    • Accounts help save your progress so you don't have to redo hours of tutorial again.
  • Different colors to differentiate tutorial and code.
    • In this tutorial, all text isn't white; And if you get deeper inside, you'll learn how to color your text too!
  • Opportunities for you to try out the code you're learning!
    • Throughout the tutorial, you will get Opportunities to type some code, and have it verified by the PythonTutorBot.


While I cannot allow anyone to directly edit my tutorial, you can contribute by making a pull request on the GitHub Repo. (Find it here)



Functions are here!

Welcome, 2D Lists!

Loops just got added!

Dictionaries are here

The manual level picker now also shows what each level has, instead of just the number.

Common Modules

Bonus lesson, level0, ide comparison, added

Tell me if you have more you would like to see!
Try it out here
Btw I made this whole thing in 3 days

Note: This whole tutorial was built on my favorite IDE,

A while back, I finally set up my own URL shortener with tracking statistics and changed the link to my shortened one, and the results were amazing! The link got 14 views in an hour alone! thanks for your support everyone!

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deucemuch (0)

I can't seem to get passed level 7 question about defining a function.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

CoolCoderSJ (291)

@deucemuch uh oh...
what are you entering?

CoolCoderSJ (291)

@deucemuch also note: At any point if you need to manually move levels, you can rerun the repl and choose option 4.

deucemuch (0)

def my_func():
(i then receive lines of error messages)

CoolCoderSJ (291)

@deucemuch uhhh
so if i remember this correctly, it asks for the number of lines your func is going to be, since it only listens for that long. Put at least 3 there...
then do

def my_func():
    #your stuff here, after typing four spaces...... and     
    #this should be the num (of lines you entered before) - 2

remember to call it at the end...

CoolCoderSJ (291)

@deucemuch it seems to be working for me if I put

def my_func():
deucemuch (0)

@CoolCoderSJ yep that was it I didn't put in the number of lines.
Preciate the help & the amazingly intricate tutorial!!