Install Unity in
RowanFromBJC (23)


Today I'm gonna teach you how to install the Unity hub on!
First: Create a repl and open the shell (using CTRL + SHIFT + S for Windows, or COMMAND + SHIFT + S for Mac), and type in this:

# A file called UnityHub.AppImage will appear
chmod +x ./UnityHub.AppImage
# Now you can execute the file
./UnityHub.AppImage --appimage-extract
# A folder called squashfs-root will appear

Now, when you are ready to start Unity, run this:

./squashfs-root/unityhub --no-sandbox

Now, you can use the Unity hub in!

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angrydoge (317)

Itts so laggyy and it broke when I clicked add project :((((((((((((((((

RowanFromBJC (23)

@angrydoge Probably, It's just a normal free plan copy of the unity hub, my code only unpacks it and runs it.
Unless you're running it on you're own Windows/MacOS computer, this only works on linux.