Database tips
LiamDonohue (283)

#1 Backup weekly

Why? Because something might get corrupted, and you wont lose all your data because guess what? you were smart and backed up you data

#2 Store Your Database on a separate server

I know this may seem difficult, but its actually pretty easy. All you need is a computer running Windows 2000 or later (it actually runs better on an Linux computer, but i could not find any spec requirements for that) and an Apache 2.4 Server

#3 Call any tables containing sensitive data

something random, like Funkybannanasplit

#4 Use MySQL opposed to SQLite

Why? Because MySQL is more secure (EDIT) the reason is that MySQL is password protected and encrypted, making it harder to access. SQLite is basically just a file holding the data base and is stored on the disk, as MySQL is a server. So in someways SQLite is secure because its not really connected to the internet. SQLite is good for starting out, but MySQL is worth the setup

any suggestions? just tell me

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