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LLC GOLANG: Web apps & structs (Videos 5+6)
katyadee (1214)

Hi everyone!

This week, we'll focus on:

Weekly Quiz:
Quiz yourself on last week's concepts here. This week's quiz is self-grading, so there's... 🥁🥁🥁 no due date!

If you completed last week's quiz, you should have received your scores tonight, Tuesday, May 14th.

Next week's quiz
By Sunday, 5/19, please make sure you post your new quiz questions below. Please only include items covered in videos 1-6.

'Til next week, friends!

lsambrook (286)

Looks cool ! I don't know how to make a website on python, i tried but i failed so i did it on html and it went well if you want to see it : https://Website-2--lsambrook.repl.co

katyadee (1214)

@lsambrook Hey friend! This is for golang. You should post this on Share :)

lsambrook (286)

@katyadee sorry, I am french, so I don't understand everything even if I am good in English

Steven_The_GuyT (232)

@lsambrook it's okay, we'll help you learn!