Learn the Basics of Ruby! Interactive Program for Anyone New to Ruby :)
21Miya (107)

If you're interested in learning the Ruby programming language, this program might help you out with the basics:

printing/putting, delaying code (sleep), variables, some math/methods (to int and to string), arrays, calling random integers, getting user input, loops, and if/elsif/else statements.

Other features:

  • Interactivity! The program asks the user for code after teaching topics to check if the user understands.
  • Tips & help! During any question, the user can input "help" or "h" instead of code in order to receive tips with the specific coding problem.
  • The program itself...is coded in Ruby! So if the user wants to see some Ruby in action, they can check out the IDE. Plus, I recently added comments within the IDE that are meant for the user to read. I highly suggest checking this out.
  • Not too much at once! Seeing a ton of code all at once (or even normal text) can be overwhelming, but this program goes at the user's own pace! Simply press the enter key when ready to move on.

So if you're looking for a new language--this is a sign to try out Ruby (my own preferred language)! Scroll down to the Repl and click run to start learning! :D

Let me know if there's a topic in Ruby that you consider a "basic" that I should cover but didn't in this tutorial! And please leave an upvote if you used it at all or just like it!

If you're using Repl.it with light mode (default), the comments in the IDE will be a pale grey. If you're using Repl.it with dark mode, the comments in the IDE will be green. I explain a lot of things in the comments and it's also a great way to see Ruby color-coded and such.

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TB07EC (4)

she's just righting down a book basically that you can visually see and then you would say this is fun but this is not coding repl.it is for coding i would suggest going to a book club then repl.it if you want to write books

21Miya (107)

@TB07EC Hiya! Ruby is literally a coding language, and I didn’t create Ruby itself so if you have issues with it then that isn’t really up to me. As for the text, yes, it is made informal (I didn’t always use 100% programming terminology) to make it easier for those new to coding to understand it. If you hate reading; in fact, it seems like you don’t know how to—then don’t use my program, it isn’t for you. Thanks for looking at my project! <3

TB07EC (4)

@21Miya hi um didn't think of it that way I mean I once was also a person who didn't know coding at all and I agree this isn't for me when I was little I use to right like that tooo hey uh,sorry if i said something mean to u.:)

21Miya (107)

@TB07EC Please don't say I don't write well when you cannot spell the word "write" itself. You clearly have no knowledge of the subject you are trying to talk about and your input is irrelevant and unhelpful. Have a nice day!