How to make private repls without paying
Highwayman (1436)

Warning! This doesn’t actually affect repls in any way as to make them private

It is merely common sense.

When looking at, the only way to find someone is if they have either posted, been mentioned by someone else, or to find them by scrolling through the leader board.

This can be frustrating, but it has a major upside.

If you do not post or comment, you shall not receive any cycles. This makes it so if anyone were to look for you in any of the boards, they’d never find you and they will have to scroll through the literal millions of people on the leader board in order to find you.

If you never upvote any posts(specifically posts, comments are fine.), then no one will ever see your name period. At all. They, again, would have to search through all of the millions of people on

If no one ever finds you, then they will never see your repls.

This is a good thing :)

How to make a basically private account

1) Make your username something random, something unrelated to you, but related to coding as to not raise any eyebrows.
2) never post. never comment. never upvote posts.
3) don’t add your email, name(fake or not) or school/work place.
4) code whatever you want, with a general sense of peace and quiet.

Hope someone finds that helpful. Millions of you have figured that out by now I’m thinking, but to those of you who haven’t: make a new account. Code freely lol. :)

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