How to Get a Repl.It Post to 1000 likes :P
CyanCoding (1973)

Hey y'all! This isn't really a tutorial so I understand if this gets taken down. I just wanted to thank all y'all who upvoted my Brute Force Password Cracker program after I released it three years ago to the point now where we are the first post on to receive over 1,000 upvotes!

It's been incredible how supportive the community has been and I love seeing emails each week about someone commenting on my program where I could improve or how long it's taken to crack their password.

As one of the original users, it's been amazing to see the full timeline of this amazing website and be a part of it. As for me, currently, I'm a junior in high school and freshman in college, so that's mostly why I'm inactive on the site. However, I use it once or twice a week for small classes or functions I need to test and I love the portability and ease that has always provided!

As for the actual tutorial of getting a post to 900 likes, I didn't even create a mindblowing piece of tech or some extraordinary bug-free code. It was all y'all being supportive and helping me out with the start of my coding career. Keep helping each other out and building this amazing community!

Also if you want to chat about programming or really anything, send me a text on insta! @its_actually_cam

Thanks so much everyone!

CyanCoding aka Camden

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AJDevelopment (122)

@NoNameByProgram if is the impostor then the uses are also impostors