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Python Bacics

In this repl, I will show you bacics for python. Please don't mind the spelling for I am not a very good speller. I will show you a function per week on tuesdays so keep coming! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments

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DannyIsCoding (491)


I like your idea with this python course. I know python, but I am still gonna come to this class. 👍


@DannyIsCoding Ok! Thanks!


Hello, everyone! lease upvote this repl to get more updates in a week! I am turning towards 50 upvotes

Avifire (3)

It's great! now I can learn python.


Love the idea! I'll still come to these classes even though I know Python

CodingCactus (2474)

I am not the good at england speling iether


@CodingCactus Do you know how to code python?
Mabey we can work toghether on something...


@CodingCactus I am going to invie you