Discord Rich Presence Tutorial
Mosrod (416)

Guide to Rich Presence on Discord

Have you ever used, but wanted it to show up in Discord?, Or maybe, you get annoyed by your friends while trying to code and have to spend a ton of time getting back on track? Discord Rich Presence is a great tool to alert your friends while you are coding, so they don't bother you. Unlike adding text to your playing text area, Rich Presence is a fancy graphic that people will never miss.

What we will need:

Note: You can use any Rich Presence client, but the program I am going to be showing you in this tutorial is My Rich Presence, and it requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your computer.

This is what the final product will look like:

Lets start!

  • Go to this URL:

  • Click 'Create an application'

  • Set the name to whatever you want, preferably ''

  • Download the image from this link (Click the download button in the top right area).

  • Set the picture to the one you downloaded

  • Click 'Save Changes' on the bottom to save your application

  • Click 'Rich Presence', then 'Art Assets'

  • Set the cover image to the logo you downloaded above

  • Click 'Add Image(s)' and upload the logo, and optionally a smaller logo like Python, code, ect.. (I have a star in my case)

  • Click 'Save Changes'

  • Go to 'General Information' and copy the CLIENT ID

  • Open My Rich Presence, and go to the Settings tab
  • Paste your App ID in the text area

  • Click 'Add Image', and put in the name of the logo (replit_logo) and optionally the other image that you uploaded

  • Go to the General tab and change the details to @ and your name, and change the state to the url that you are on, and disable or enable the timer ( (You can also do other text, but this is preferred)

  • Enable the large image, select the name of the logo, and put in the Large Image Text textbox, and if you added a small image, enable it and describe the small image (Coding in Python)

  • Click 'Update Presence', and the Rich Presence should show up in Discord

  • This is what it will look like (The star would be the image that you optionally chose)

If you have any questions or feedback, comment them below.

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