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πŸŒšπŸ•Ά Repl.it Site-Wide Dark Theme πŸ•ΆπŸŒš
mat1 (2298)

Repl.it Site-Wide Dark Theme

Do you like being blinded while browsing Repl.it?
Well me neither!

First, you might not have the editor dark theme enabled, so make sure you enable that.
1. Click the settings button at the left of the editor screen.

2. Find the theme dropdown, and select dark

Now that you have the editor dark theme enabled, we will enable the site-wide dark theme.
1. Download Tampermonkey for Chrome or Firefox
2. Choose a theme from the list of themes or create your own
3. Click the install button.
4. Upvote and post a comment on this tutorial. (100% required step)
5. Profit!

mat1 (2298)

Hello darkness my old friend...

mat1 (2298)

@mat1 I've come to talk with you again...

mat1 (2298)

@mat1 Because a vision softly creeping...

ebest (558)

@mat1 Left it's seeds while I was sleeping...

ebest (558)

@ebest And the vision... that was planted in my brain...

ebest (558)

@ebest Within the sound...

mat1 (2298)

@mat1 Left its seeds while I was sleeping...

mat1 (2298)

@mat1 And the vision that was planted in my brain...

mat1 (2298)

@mat1 Within the sound of silence...

mat1 (2298)

@mat1 In restless dreams I walked alone...

batcode (0)

@mat1 Narrow streets of cobblestone...

vedprad1 (707)

@batcode @mat1 @ebest

'Neath the halo of a street lamp

mat1 (2298)

Please upvote and leave a comment with suggestions!

ArchieMaclean (590)


In Black Contrast though, the scrollbar is invisible - not sure if this was intentional or not.

mat1 (2298)

@cats_ur_cool77 I don't know what that means but i'll assume it's a compliment so thanks.

cats_ur_cool77 (33)

@mat1 Sorry I hadn't replied for so long. It means "It is good." in German. :3

kaldisberzins (260)

Love it! I edited the script and added a bit more color (script). I am not a big fan of what you did with the editor, could you point me to the stuff that changed it? I tried to remove it but ended up breaking stuff. Otherwise, this makes repl.it look so much better!

hayaodeh (149)

awesome. Love the lyrics in the comments lol @amasad surly know that song too

mhs_mhs123 (4)

This is great, but do you know how to make the physical IDE section of repl.it black? That would be even better. Thanks!