How to Get Cycles
MrEconomical (2277)


cycles... a guide for how to get some internet points

Let's start off with the basics: What exactly are cycles? Well, they are kind of like your "reputation" on Every time somebody upvotes your post or upvotes one of your comments, you get one cycle. As of now, they have no purpose, but hey, more points is better right?

Ways to earn cycles

There are a few main ways to earn cycles:

  1. Answering questions (5 cycles per answer marked)
  2. Commenting a lot and hope people will upvote your comments
  3. Writing Learn tutorials
  4. Making post to Share and sharing your project

From my experience, the best way to earn cycles BY FAR is Option 4. Simply put, the Share board gets the most exposure of any other board and if your project is somewhat decent people will upvote it. The Learn tutorial option is not very viable since nobody really checks there and the top posts only have a few upvotes compared to those on the Share board. Answering questions and posting comments is decent, but just can't compare to the power of the Share board.

What kind of projects to create

The cycle / effort graph looks something like this:

With cycles being the y-axis and project effort being the x-axis. When creating your projects, the only thing you need to do is make it decent enough that it passes the low upvote "threshold" and then it should be fine. Terminal games are good because they don't take much effort and it isn't hard to make a decent one.

Posting tricks

Alright, you have your project, now it's time to post it. There are a few tips on how and when you should post your projects.

  1. Write your posts INFORMATIVELY - Don't just put "hello this is my project ok bye" you need to sound really smart and sell your project as the best thing in the world. I recommend doing a "Features" list or something (you can see examples in some of my old posts).

  2. Choose your posting time wisely - On the weekends, many people like to go on and check what projects are hot or trending, but also during the week, many schoolkids that use might decide to look at the Share board. I recommend posting Sunday morning or afternoon so you can get the most out of the weekend group and also the school group on Monday.

  3. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Make sure your project does not die and MARKET IT LIKE CRAZY. I would say the most important thing in making a post get lots of upvotes is getting it first at the top of hot sort and then on the trending page. To get it to the top of hot, make sure it gets 1 upvote in the first 10 minutes or so and then it will go directly to the top of hot. Then, you should advertise your post everywhere, in the discord, in all your friend groups, in servers, until it gets around 20 upvotes ish. By this point, if you have done all this fast enough, it should be on the trending page and you are all set to go!

  4. DO NOT LET THE MODS GET SUSPICIOUS - If you try to make lots of alts to upvote your posts, the mods will know and then lock your post. You want to avoid mod suspicion at all costs. Once your post has been locked once, the mods will check your additional content with further scrutiny and then your future posts have a higher chance of getting locked as well. So, at all costs, try to make your posts look as legit as possible.

  5. Do not write "Upvote my post" in your post - It just makes you look very greedy for cycles and then less people will want to upvote it. You don't want to seem like a person that is trying to get as many cycles as possible, just try to seem like a normal coder who has a cool project to share.

Closing notes

Gaining fake internet points on some random coding website forum that do nothing is one of the noblest pursuits on this planet. Some major takeaways from this tutorial:

  1. Posting projects to Share is the best way to get cycles
  2. Consider the effort of your project - you don't really need to make it the best thing in the world, just somewhat decent is good enough
  3. Choose wisely when to post - I would recommend Sunday mornings or afternoons
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CSharpIsGud (872)

"Somewhat decent" - One line print('3') gets 50 upvotes

oignons (324)

@CSharpIsGud or the "python translator" that was on trending for over a week

CSharpIsGud (872)

@ipastrano If you mean , Atleast it took some effort and wasn't trying to be some stupid one line "joke" repl that does nothing and isn't even funny

oignons (324)

@CSharpIsGud Oh, no, It was some one line thing that went something like this:

or something like that, i don't know python.
Basically, it printed nothing and did nothing.

CSharpIsGud (872)

@ipastrano I only saw 2 posts that did that and they were fairly close together.
"python3 interpreter" Especially triggered me, because I know that I could literally make an actual python3 interpreter and put it on repl talk and it would get almost nothing compared to the 80 votes in less than a day a one line eval() gets.

CSharpIsGud (872)

@ipastrano to? I never made that py3 interpreter, I made a lua interpreter though.

oignons (324)

Nevermind, thought that you made one.

bgrubert (187)

@ipastrano It was called "python 3 interpreter," not "python translator"

oignons (324)

@bgrubert oh, sorry, i have bad memory.

bgrubert (187)

@ipastrano there was just a confusion because there's another repl called python translator and it translates languages.