C++ Tutorial: Day 2
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Day 2!

Credits for Day 1 fixes and/or bugs.


**** A elaboration on multi-line quotes

I realised that I never put in multi line quotes, so here it is.

/* This is a multi line quote
you can put as many lines as you need
but make sure to end it with...

**** A elaboration on int main() (Thank you to @CodeLongAndPros)

What is int main()?

To answer that question, we need to first look at what C++ is.
(I use C and C++ to refer to the same thing)

C is compiled to machine code.

So is assembly code. Assembly code is pretty much the lowest level your code can be.

In the ELF, it needs an entry point. This can be anything with the entry foo command.

So, when GCC compiles C to machine code, it uses ENTRY main in the assembly code.

This is why you need to have an int main in your code.

Day 2! of C++ BootCamp!

Topic: Variables!

What are variables?

Variables are containers for storing data values.
C++ Variables include....
bool(boolean): true or false?

int(integer): stores integers without decimals. (Ex: 111 or -111)

double: stores floating point integers. (Ex: 19.99) it has about 15 digits of precision.

float: also stores floating point integers. (Ex: 19.99) it as about 7 digits of precision.

char(character): stores single characters. (a, b, c, A, B, C, etc.) it is surrounded by single quotes. ''

string: stores text. (Cybertruck) it is surrounded by double quotes.

Example of variables in code:

#include <bits/stc++.h>
using namespace std;
int main()
	// This is a comment
	int cybertruck = 30;
	cout << cybertruck << "\n";

	bool isItraining = false;
	cout << "hahayes" << endl;

	double lotsofDecimals = 15.55555555555555;
	float lotsofDecimalstoo = 15.5555555;
	string stringcheese = "cheese";
	char alphabet = 'a'
	cout << lotsofDecimals << lotsofDecimalstoo << stringcheese << alphabet << endl;
	return 0;
	// voila! bunch of variables


Because C++ is a statistically typed language, you have to declare if a variable is int, double, char, float, etc..
This is a reason that C++ is kinda hard.

That's it!

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